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Lupe Hernandez

Artist Bio

Lupe Hernandez is a Texas artist and native of the Rio Grande Region. Hernandez who also goes by the name MrThreeD, specializes on three-dimensional work, Cubism, Graffiti and Calligraphy as well as works with large scale painting, portraiture and airbrush art. His compositions or themes range from religious art, figurative elements and calligraphy. Hernandez also creates detailed arrangements that narrate Mexican cultural story boards that resonate timeless expressions of times gone by. His current works include a series of nostalgic toys, native animals and plants, a series of dessert pastel drawings and graffiti landscapes. He pledges his support for the arts by participating in group exhibitions throughout Texas.

Mr. Hernandez is also an art instructor at Hinovations Art Gallery that follows an art style theme during the school year that enable students to thoroughly learn important points and leading artists of the time. They learn about Impressionism, which is the style of mixing colors on the canvas allowing for blur effects and energetic compositions. They also learn to shade with pencils and use value scales as light shadow.

Hernandez who from time to time, suffers from anxiety turns to art to release pressure and stress. “Art is my medication and meditation”, says Hernandez. “Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I begin to paint an image in my mind. I think of the objects, the shapes and the colors they can be and soon enough my heart relaxes and am able to breath normal”. Art is a conduct to express feelings and to create a joyful surrounding. He definitely paves a revered life for himself in the Rio Grande Valley.

Artist Statement

One aspect of the work I am currently focused on deals with nostalgia and remembrance and the automated feelings that surge when a person looks at a childhood toy. The Recapture exhibit is designed to stimulate moods and mindsets. The viewer can experience individual perspectives of joy, love, anger, helplessness, optimism and more. Symbolism is the main driving force in my art, as well as geometric abstraction. I believe the composition meets color and energy in fractures or mini pieces to communicate my vision.


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