Join us to celebrate the Second Anniversary of Art Legacy Gallery with a cocktail art exhibition in Honor of Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado.
Art Legacy will announce an exhibition of his recent work. With exclusive international representation this is the third exhibition put forth Art Legacy. The artist will be in attendance to celebrate our Second Anniversary.


Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado

Artist Bio

Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado is a visual artist of Mexican origin who, with his brilliant ability and the creative energy of his brush strokes, inevitably transforms us into a pictorial world of fascinating chromatic vibrations. In it, it seems each of the small units of squares and contours that make up the composition where a representation of hundreds of pixels of a circuit that together emit multiple melodies, interlaced by an artistic force in each canvas, that delight us through the powerful movement of lines and effervescent colors, stimulating our imagination and shaking our conscience.

In each work Rodriguez Calzado leads us through a visual whirlwind creating a variety of planes, at first through two-dimensional figures that when overlapped give life to a surprising third dimension. The harmonious movement of these planes and fragmentation of color create complex forms and perspectives, swaying to the rhythm of the melodies, inviting us to explore the magic of the paintings.

                      • Adriana Cisneros

Artist Statement

My goal is that whoever sees my paintings takes something away from them, even if it’s just the spark of a memory or a feeling. And that is what great art does, it speaks to you through your emotions and changes you and the way you think and feel. I have been a painter most of my life and hope that I will continue working on my craft for many years, I love what I do, I love to paint and the process of using my imagination to create fantastical imagery.

                  • Eduardo Rodriguez Calzado