Creeks and Rivers

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April 5, 2019



Join us on April 5th from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm for Jesus Toro Martinez ever seen art exhibit: Creeks and Rivers.

The pieces will be at the Art Legacy Gallery located in

Stone Oak’s Sigma Rd 18503,

this event is sponsored by Blair Labatt, Elite Office, and Elite Homes!

We look forward to spending the evening with all of you and we hope you have a great time!

Jesus Toro Martinez

Artist Bio

A native Texan, and currently works out of his studio at Lone Star Art Space, An Artist Incubation Space for Visual Artist. Toro received his B.F.A. from the San Antonio Art Institute and an M.F.A. from Ravenhurst University in Netherlands. He has participated in group art exhibits at The Blue Star Contemporary Arts Museum, San Antonio, Texas, The Museum of Modern Art, Tamprre, Finland, Galleria Amores in Mexico City, MexicArte Museum, Austin, Texas. Toro has exhibited solo at the Museum of the West Oslo, Norway and at the Finland National Academy of Art in Helsinki, Finland. In 2015 Toro was part of the Jerusalem Bi-

Annual. He also is part of the permanent collection of the University of Texas in San Antonio and the Latino Art Museum at the Poma Art Colony, Pomona California as well at the Holly Name of Mary Catholic Church, San Dimas, California. Today his work is collected by individuals nationally and internationally.

Artist Statement

Jesus Toro Martinez explores the expressive physical potential techniques in abstract expression. He begins by building up a thick layer of black tar mixed with self-made pigment over gessoed canvas. Using a variety of tools as well as his physicality to control the line weight, he then pulls the pigment away from the surface, leaving behind pure markings. The fine lines move fluidly throughout the canvas, creating negative space and a highly textual composition.



June 7, 2019

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